Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday Ramblings

The end of the week, and almost the end of my rug project. I managed to get all the cord made and now I should be able to finish it off tomorrow!!! Got to love a project completed, once the cord is sewn on and the rug is washed I will get a picture posted for all of you.

Father Brian spoke about how Christ says he came to set us against each other, even in our own families. How sometimes a decision to follow a different path sets our families against one another.

This struck a chord in me.

Back when Harvey and I first started dating, he asked me if I would attend Mass with him. Something called to me and said this is where you belong. Then when we decided to get married I made a decision to convert to the Catholic faith.

My Mom was United and my Dad Lutheran, neither of them attended church with any regularity.

I was baptised United, went to a Presbyterian church for Sunday School up to and including Grade 11. The United church was too far too walk to and the Presbyterian church was at the end of our street. 

My grandfather (Mom's Dad) would not attend my cousins wedding when she was married in the Catholic church. My Dad asked why I did not follow the true faith and when asked what the true faith was he said, "Lutheran." Mom just said that what made me happy was fine with her.

I went through my RCIA classes while attending my last semester of University, and had my Confirmation in a small chapel.

Three weeks later it was my wedding. I was worried that my father would do or say something to belittle my choice, and that my Grandpa MacDougall would not attend.

As I got ready to walk down the aisle on my father's arm, he looked at me and asked if I was at peace, and happy. I nodded yes.

We started down the aisle and there, sitting right behind my Mom was my Grandpa MacDougall. He looked a bit uncomfortable, but smiled and nodded at me as I walked by.

I thought I was alone in my faith journey, but really found out that my family supported me in what I had chosen to do. In fact Dad spent more time in the Catholic church coming to baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, and Graduation Masses than he ever did in the Lutheran church....

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.