Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Thrifty Tuesday

My thrifty share with all of you today is the drying of herbs and veggies. I guess I could add in the gift of veggies that just are not growing in the garden.

My neighbours daughter gifted me with some lovely zucchini. It is shredded and in the freezer to be used in bake goods this winter. My plant is not really producing so this was a wonderful gift. We love zucchini muffins, loaves and cakes.

I have also been busy dehydrating herbs for use this winter. Considering what jars of dried herbs such as parsley and thyme cost it just makes sense to produce our own. 

Today I dehydrated hot chili peppers. Hubby will grind them up to make cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes saving us even more money.

Using up all leftovers saves us money as well, it also keeps our refrigerator and freezers clean. I still have work to do on one of the freezers, but that will wait until Harvey goes to the next football game.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. So nice to get gifts from others gardens...I must try baking with some of our squash..
    Love to you...

  2. Do you have a dehydrating thingie then?

  3. I'm waiting for the sun to return so I can do some more bits.