Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Goals For the Month

Ahh, a new month has arrived and time to post my new goals for the month. First I want to say not all my goals were met last month, but I gave it a very good try. I worked through the fabric stash and cut out two more patterns (these will be sewn up this month). I have also been working through the yarn stash and am happy to say that 8 rather large leftover skeins and balls of yarn are no longer residing in the house. Instead I have a few new dishcloths and two purses that will be put up for sale on the city wide handmade Facebook page.

However I did not manage to get as many no spend days as I wanted. Missed it by one day so really not that badly done. I also did not get any painting done as it has been so hot here over the past month.

Now on to this months goals. I only have a few.

1.  Continue working through the fabric stash.

2.  Continue working through the yarn stash.

3.  Try for 19 no spend days this month.

4.  Clean out the basement chest freezer.

5.  Get those painting jobs outside completed.

6.  Harvest the garden.

Project Declutter saw me removing 34 items from the house last month. This brings the yearly total to 533. I am hopeful that more will be leaving this month as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I'm hoping to increase my no spend days too!

  2. Well done for achieving your goals. I'm madly de-cluttering as we go through the rooms while decorating. Loads of kitchen stuff is now destined for the Charity shop as well as quite a few vases.