Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tursday Tidbits

Its been a long day. For some reason I could not sleep past 5 am this morning. Tossing and turning, trying to get back to sleep is not for me so up I got.

After a cup of coffee and a nice morning walk in the cool air, I got to work.

While I did not manage to get the eggplant pickled (that is a job for tomorrow), I did manage to bake bread, bake 4 crisps (3 plum and one blue berry), and dehydrate basil, thyme and oregano. I even watered all my plants. Lugging that 4 gallon watering can up and down the stairs numerous times and to the back herb garden is not fun, but could be considered good exercise. No wonder why I am stiff and sore now!

This afternoon I finished the first baby blanket and started the second one. Hopefully this one will move along a bit quicker than the first as I am now used to the pattern.

I also picked more of the mini eggplants and washed all the canning jars in preparation for tomorrows pickling session. The recipe says it will make 6 pint jars so hopefully this is correct.

We had to turn the air conditioning on this afternoon, but we were lucky enough not to need it even earlier considering I had been baking pretty much all morning.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Beat you, I woke up at 4am. I'd love to sleep through.

  2. You're a busy bee Jackie. I'm the same if I wake up early, it's better to just get up and do things or read rather than toss and turn. I sometimes go into the spare room and read so the light doesn't wake OH.

  3. Beat you, I woke up at 4am. I'd love to sleep through.