Saturday, September 23, 2017

Last Day Of Our Vacation

Last post about our vacation an then I promise not to bore you all any longer.

Day four saw us out and about at a reasonable hour. Harvey even made us a brunch before we left and I stocked the car with bananas and oranges.

Our first stop was another hike. Perhaps not the longest one we took, but one that seemed to climb a mountain, and believe me this old body felt the effects.

This was the relatively level entrance to our 5 km hike. Yours truly thought the entire hike would be level and easily managed. Not true.

Up hill after this for most of the way, but the waterfall we got to see at the end was spectacular.

This is Wapta Falls and at 30 meters high and 150 meters wide is the largest falls on the Kicking Horse River. The guide book said it was a gentle hike....perhaps for those really young and in shape things, for us older, kind of out of shape people it was a bit more difficult.

I later learned the reason that the falls was fenced off. Our oldest son mentioned how one of his high school teachers had a brother who hiked to the falls years ago. He fell into the water and drowned. Now there is a wire fence (quite a strong and high one) that prevents anyone from getting to close.

On the way down the mountain we saw this.

A very large burl. I know it was the largest I have ever seen. There are people who harvest these and make wonderful items with them.

We made it back to the vehicle and continued our travels. In all the times we have been to Banff and Jasper National Parks we had never taken the time to visit Lake Louise. That was our next visit.

Chateau Lake Louise in all its glory. 

The lake itself. While not the biggest lake in the Canadian Rockies, perhaps one of the most tranquil.

If any of you have noticed most of the lakes have a lovely blue green tinge to them. This is because they are glacial runoff lakes. I imagine they are quite cold even in the middle of summer.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

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