Monday, November 27, 2017

Menu Monday

My goodness another month has almost gone past. I needed to get a few more meals planned so I at least had this week completed and will be filling in the rest of the month's menus before the end of the week. With Kurt and Kris coming home for a few days over the Christmas season I will be needing to cook much bigger meals and that will need to be taken into account.


Meatballs and depending on what type I cook either served with rice or noodles and a lovely salad.


Leftover Pork roast. I need to find another new recipe to use leftover pork in. The last one I made was just okay.


Potato and leek soup. Wish me luck on this one as it is something I have never made before. I have also never cooked with a leek, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. I am hopeful there will be enough left over that I can freeze a batch to be eaten at a later time.


Clean out the fridge night. Pretty sure there will be leftovers of something that need using up.


Tuna Casserole, along with any leftover salad or some sliced raw veggies.


Chili and toast. I plan on making a big pot of this as well. I want enough leftover that some can be frozen and used when our sons are home for a meal.


Leftover ham made into a casserole. I need to look up something interesting to try here as well.

As you can see there are a couple of meals that I plan on using up some of the frozen leftovers from our big roast meals. I made a decision that once a month instead of a big roast I will make a smaller meal that enables me to use up just a bit more of the frozen leftover meats from Sunday roasts. I am trying to get a handle on spending since prices continue to climb and this is one way of doing so.

Everybody have a wonderful day. 

God bless.

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  1. Last week was busy with houseguests for 3 nights. What leftovers there were have been used. I sometimes forget how quickly food gets eaten when there's a house full. Instead of thinking about using up the leftovers, the goal is to have enough food on hand.
    Monday - 3 Cheese Chicken Pasta Bake (using leftover chicken & veg)
    Tuesday - spaghetti squash (leftover from the spaghetti lasagna from last Fri) & roasted Italian sausage
    Wednesday - fridge fall out after a day of shopping
    Thursday - carrot rice soup
    Friday - dinner at a friend's before Tom Jackson's Huron Carole concert