Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Well It Has Arrived Hopefully Not Bringing Higher Electric and Gas Bills

According to the many weather pundits here in Canada winter was supposed to arrive today. When I woke up this morning it was a bit chilly (wrapped myself in a shawl to do my usual morning coffee and computer time) but not a flake had fallen.

Wait an hour or so and this is what happened.
It continued snowing for most of the day. Then at around 4 things started to melt a bit, that is going to make the roads just lovely for tomorrow's errands. I did notice that the cars coming up the highway and traveling down our street were in fact moving a bit slower. Perhaps the crazy drivers are beginning to learn to slow down for road conditions.

On the home front I stayed curled up with my knitting today after all the household chores were completed. I also got to drink copious amounts of herbal tea. My throat is a bit sore and tea with honey soothed the scratchiness away. 

We were a bit over budget this month due to the purchase of Harvey's season tickets to the provinces professional football team's games next year. However, by buying them now we paid the same as this year, and they are throwing in playoff games as well. Pretty good deal over all, and even though we are over budget I am sure we can cut spending down this month. 

Yesterday Harvey decided it was time to fix the front door. The weather stripping had deteriorated on the bottom and the seal around the door was going. He replaced the weather stripping at the bottom and added some felt around the door just in front of the seal. Hopefully that helps keep the cold air from coming in. Next year we will purchase a new door, this year we had over spent on house maintenance, so this capital expense will be added to next years projects.

I have pulled the draft dodgers out and will start to use those in front of the doors once again in the evenings. We are hoping to cut our electrical bills by a bit over the next while as well. Reading more and more about LED lighting has led us to slowly but surely replace our CFL's with LED's. They last longer, the light is brighter, and according to everything I have read use less electrical power.

We have a small oil filled heater in our room again this winter. I make sure it is turned down during the day and turn it back up about an hour before I go to bed.

As usual lights are turned off in rooms not in use, and only turned on when it gets too dark to see. 

The thermostat is turned to a temperature that while not overly warm, keeps us comfortable. If we get chilly there are always quilts and knitted blankets to cover up with.

Grocery items are well stocked. I should only need to buy fruit, veggies and dairy for the next while. I will however keep my eyes open for any really good deals on canned goods and meat. May as well get them at a lower price or with a coupon when possible. I am also keeping a very close eye on waste. I read that in Canada we waste 20% of our food. I know we are below that, but I am going to make sure nothing is wasted (must remember to check back of fridge when Harvey has been rummaging). Having two meatless (or should I say no red meat, pork, or poultry) twice a week will also help cut our bill.

Off to watch a bit of television and do some more knitting, before heading to bed with a book.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. The best place to be, when it is snowy outside, it by the fire with the knitting :) well, that is what the cats tell me ! fortunately it has not got that cold here yet, but the season is turning and my feet have confirmed that they are cold and like the cats, would like the fire on please!

  2. I don't blame you for keeping busy with your knitting, as long as you have food and warmth you'll be good, stay cosy. xx