Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Thrifty Tuesday

It has been a pretty thrifty week thus far. Both Harvey and I are busy using up items in our respective stashes. This means we have extended our no spend days. 

Harvey noticed that ceiling paint and the finish he needs for the pine boards were on sale this week so he pulled out his coupon (spend X amount and get 10% off) and purchased them. Now the only things we need once the venting and the electrical are finished is the drywall supplies and the paint for the walls. We have still gone a bit over budget but mostly because of the storage. Boy will I be glad to get things out and back home. I really miss my books!!

Today I cut up an old blanket for the batting in the soup bowl cozies. Now I know that is 100% cotton, but I am not sure about the other fabric that came from my stash. I will just put a card with them stressing that they are not for use in the microwave.

Then after I finished sewing on pair of sleep pants and cutting out the next pair, I cut up a pair of old jeans for patches or quilting materials. I even removed the zipper!! That is something I have never done before on jeans, and I am not too sure if I will do it again. Sure took a long time.

I got a small hole from a nail in my winter coat so I am trying to match thread to the colour of the coat. Tomorrow is mending time (after I sew the second pair of sleep pants and have another Christmas gift marked off my list).

Thrifty really is cool.

Everyone have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Thrifty really IS cool....and you are the Queen of Thrifty !

  2. Hurray for completing the sleep pants. Does your hubby and son know they are getting these items for Christmas, or do they not read your blog so they wouldn't get their Christmas surprises ruined? ;)