Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Rising Prices

In reading all my favorite blogs over the past few weeks, I have noticed one common theme. Rising costs seem to be the norm right now. 

Grocery prices, even when I am careful, buy on sale items and use a few coupons seem to be creeping ever higher. There was a time that after I had done my major stock up shopping my weekly bills were kept well under $100.00 for at least three months after. Now, well I am happy if I am not too far over the $100.00 mark. 

To keep grocery prices as low as possible, I have started a soup and sandwich night once a month, and of course the usual meatless or fish meal once a week. Then one day a week we have a clean out the fridge night, though this week that is touch and go. Instead we could be having a use up small amounts of veggies and some of the bacon by my making a quiche. That would also get rid of the last frozen pie shell. 

The other volatile area for increased priced is fuel for the car. I haven't really done anything different. 

I have always combined errands, walked when and where I can, and try very hard to stretch out the time between filling up my tank. 

The last time we had the vehicle serviced Harvey asked me to get nitrogen put in the tires instead of straight air. Supposedly there is less up and down pressure during the winter, and with less up and down and keeping the pressure at the right level I should get better gas mileage.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I agree, food prices here are definitely rising. Granted, we have had very cheap food for a long time, so it was inevitable that things would change at some point, but things are going up in price in increments that are quite noticeable, whilst at the same time I imagine that size and quantities are being reduced.

  2. We have a soup at least once a week, and a lighter type meal. We are meat eaters but can't afford to eat meat every night.