Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Thrifty Tuesday

This past week the thriftiness is trying to use up all that I can from freezer, fridge, and cupboard. As the garden has started to come in this is much easier to do now. Now it is just making sure that nothing we harvest goes to waste. I see lots of freezing and dehydrating happening in the next few weeks.

The air conditioner has been turned off for a number of days this week, and a bit of mending has been completed. 

I have finished one knitting project and since I have been so busy during the day I started another knitting project. Hopefully I will get caught up enough to get into the sewing room very soon. It is just I have been so tired, and doing anything seems to still take twice as long as it used to. Darn wrist!! I do see improvements so I will just keep right on plugging away.

I have started to save cardboard tubes (and I have a couple of friends saving them for me as well). I plan on using them to make a few decorations for a tree (little hats/toques) and perhaps make some seed starter pots from them closer to next spring.

Harvey chopped the cherry trees down and the decent sized limbs were cut and stored to season in the wood shed. Since the trees were not really huge getting 4 wheel barrels full was really good. I am hoping for a bit more when we get back to work thinning out branches on the maple trees. Also there is a downed branch at the end of the street that I have been hinting about. Free firewood is always a good thing. 

Tomorrow I will share pictures of the harvest so far.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. The cardboard rolls sound great to make things from. Yo are so good at this thrifting thing...glad your wrist is better, anyway.
    Love to you.....