Monday, November 26, 2018

Menu Monday

The last of November and the beginning of December. This year has flown by.

I made a change yesterday to the menu as Harvey wanted to be able to take his meal downstairs to watch the culmination of the CFL. In other words to watch the Grey Cup. So chili which was to be made tomorrow was made last night.

Hopefully that will be the only change this week.


Remaining frozen Turkey Corn Soup with salmon sandwiches.


Leftover chili on pasta. Salad would be nice to get more vegetables into the diet.


The Beef Roast meal I was going to make on Sunday. Roasted potatoes, roasted carrots and perhaps salad.


Leftover roast beef made into hash I hope. Served with the last of the asparagus.


Pancakes or breakfast for supper.


Weather permitting we will be heading to the city. Plan on picking up Kris, shopping and then having an early dinner. Got to love not having to cook.


Leftover Turkey made into a casserole that will last a few days (or at least I hope it will).

The menus are made up for December, but are open to change. If things get busy, well menus will be switched around. It also depends on how when Kurt and Kris arrive and how long they are staying.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. I take inspiration from your menus, thank you for posting them regularly.

  2. There's a pot of Tuscan soup in the fridge. My mom gave me some chili that I topped baked potatoes with over the w/e. BBQ ribs with rice pilaf & asparagus followed by chicken breasts with mushrooms & onions & roasted root vegetables. That will get me through the week.