Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday Roundup

I thought that since the basement is now pretty much finished I would share some pictures with you all.

Before the flood a couple of years ago the walls were paneled in a dark wood, the floor covered with red/black patterned rubber backed carpet, and the ceiling done with smoke and a funny shiny coat. This made it seem dark and drab.

Now, we have a brighter room.

Using light pine, paler grey paint with a darker grey chair rail and a pure white ceiling we have really brightened the room up. Adding extra lighting, and a grey vinyl plank flooring also lightened things up considerably. 

The telescoping poles were a problem. For the longest time Harvey could not figure out how to cover them. The covers you could purchase were either too big or too small. Soooo, he decided to build his own covers for them. Eventually shelves will be made between them and the wall.

The television is on the old, rather ugly stand and Harvey plans on building something to match the electric fireplace this winter. 

More pictures need to be hung up and another basic clean up done, but we are very happy with how everything turned out.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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