Monday, April 12, 2021

Menu Monday


Well the snow did arrive later last night. It is still snowing off and on and probably will for the rest of today. If the forecast is correct we will be getting more yet tomorrow.

I guess this means that I can continue with casseroles, and rib sticking meals for awhile yet.


Pork sausages, hash brown potato patties, and brown beans.


Leftover pork made into a stir fry. I will use up some of the veggies in the crisper that need to be used up and serve the stir fry over rice.


The container of stuffed peppers from the fridge freezer. Probably some coleslaw to go along with it and use up some more of the cabbage in the fridge.


Leftover stir fry served over the leftover rice.


Soup and sandwiches.


Hotdogs, pasta, and salad.


Roast chicken, peas/carrot mixture, and mashed potatoes. We will use up the leftover salad tonight as well.

While this will not clear out everything in my fridge or freezers, with the way things are going here, more and more cases showing up every day. I am conflicted about stocking up or not stocking up. I guess I may just have to wait until the next time our premier and head doctor make an announcement (usually every Wednesday) to make my decision. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. Great menu plans, Jackie. I see you got your vaccine. Great! I get mine at a drive through on Thursday and I have no idea which one I will be getting. Like those frugal Friday posts. I do a lot of the same things. We are back in a strict lockdown here in Ontario; it's pretty bleak actually and I'm trying hard to not have it affect me.

  2. We had a good dump of snow overnight, and it continues to snow lightly. I had to shovel the driveway to get out to the street to go pick up groceries. I expect that's the extent of my leaving the house for several days. Unless it is to shovel.

    I'm tired of the winter meals but they are still on the menu here too. Take care, stay well!

  3. Sounds delicious, Jackie. I go back and forth between stocking up nd not stocking up too. Hopefully we both make the right decisions.

  4. Yikes snow! It is very cold and windy here.