Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday Roundup and Frugal Friday


So I will start off with what I was going to post yesterday, but got involved with visiting and exchanging texts with various (well one son Kurt). 

Kris is here, but will probably be the only visitor this week. Kurt has come in contact with Covid again and will be tested at some point today. I believe the early afternoon, he will then need to wait to get the results. Seems 4 students tested positive yesterday and they were letting the contacts know. If it is negative and he finds out soon enough he will come home. Not soon enough and he is stuck there until at least the summer.

So what was frugal about the last week?

1.  Waited for full loads before washing dishes and clothing (our water bill has gone down $15.00 in the last two months). Now to find another smart and simple way to save on water spending.

2.  Kris has an indoor greenhouse to start plants and brought us home 6 lovely pepper plants. 2 jalapeno, 2 ghost pepper, and 2 other really hot pepper plants. Now we don't have to purchase those at all. Saves us around $24.00 at gardening time.

3.  Used up all leftovers this week once again.

4.  Added $20.00 to my envelope of savings and $6.55 to the change jars. 

5. Found a dime outside on my walks (another frugal happening here) and added it to the change jars.

So that is my frugal 5 for this week. I know there are a few more but I am sticking to 5.

So what did I accomplish this week?

Really nothing earth shattering. I did the monthly meal planning, planned out what few extra cleaning jobs I can handle (or will be allowed to handle), made the bunting, made a kitty toy for Eiko from one left over pink beep (she loves it), took my daily walks, did some baking, and well knit. I also managed to enter the last months expenditures and am very happy to report that we were under budget once again this month. In fact for once we were pretty much under budget in all areas. Strange.

See nothing earth shattering or ground breaking. Pretty much the usual around the old homestead during a pandemic.

I do hope that this coming week is a bit more exciting.

Everybody have a wonderful day. 

God bless.


  1. Life is not very exciting here. I feel like a zombie this Lockdown. My motivation has fallen way below zero. I really need to get back to work to get some energy back.

  2. That is a shame that Kurt has been exposed again to Covid. I do hope his test is negative.

    Wow, your son Kris is quite the gardener. Nice of him to provide you with plants for your own garden.

    The province should have received more doses yesterday as there was a huge shipment that arrived, some from the U.S. They best not run out before your appointment again - one would think they would ensure the vaccines would be available for making an appointment.

    The water issue is something I struggle with. I prefer to hand wash my dishes to using the dishwasher because I believe I'm using less water but on the other hand I don't like leaving in the sink so I end up doing dishes up to three times a day...which probably uses as much water. On the other hand (and I probably shouldn't admit this) I don't shower as often as I did when I was working so I haven't seen a huge difference in my bills. However, the city is raising the cost again this year. :(

    Take care, stay well!

  3. It's always great to be under budget, that's something to be proud of for sure! How wonderful that Kris brought you the pepper plants. Watch out for those ghost peppers though - they are among the hottest peppers! I hope it works out for Kurt to come home. Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

  4. Very good on the savings. So nice to get free plants. Hoping you have a great Easter.

  5. Happy Easter to you! Have a beautiful day! ~Andrea xoxo