Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sunday Ramblings


The days just keep right on rolling right along, each merging into the next with great regularity.

So far, unlike many of the provinces in Canada, our restrictions are not too onerous as of yet. We are however back to sticking to our household bubbles and trying not to venture into the stores very much. Other than worry about our sons and how they are doing, things are pretty much normal here. I am quite content with Zoom get togethers, Facebook rooms and phone calls/text messages. I am not a really outgoing person, though people think I am. I would much rather have a few close friends and keep the rest at arms length.

Still even though we have not had the restrictions of other provinces I almost wish we would enact a few of them. Perhaps closing down our provincial borders to all but essential travel would cut our cases a bit. I am beginning to know more and more people that have contracted the virus and even though we have had the first shot, I worry that one or the other of us could come down with it. In Harvey's case that could be disastrous, as he has a heart condition. 

I have been doing some baking this weekend.

Filled up the cookie jar, to Harvey's delight (I have more in a container to top this up as the contents go down).

Made my favourite sour cream coffee cake (had to have a slice or two with my lunch today). It is now sliced and put into another container.

Tonight I will make one last item and the baking will be done for the week. Well, probably bread will need to be made.

I thought I would share my gift of free yarn from my friend.

Some of this haul will be made into dryer balls, some for me and some to be given to the son's for gifts next Christmas.

This is what is called Siwash yarn. It is more like a roving and is usually used to make bulky sweaters. You need to twist the 6 strands together once you start knitting so that there is some tensile strength to the yarn. I plan on using much of this haul to make mitts. They will be nice and warm, wonderful for gifts and perhaps for selling or giving away to those in need. 

I have been unable to find my error in the cross stitch so it is being put away, and I will be gathering together the threads and pattern for a different cross stitch project. Sometimes one just has to move on.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. The cake looks delicious! Nice of your friend to give you the yarn - I'm sure she knows you'll make good use of it.

    I'm with you on more restrictions, though I don't know that closing our province would improve things much. Covid is already here and being spread primarily at workplaces. But our Premier won't shut down businesses because the economy trumps people's lives and he's betting on the vaccines to be the answer. In the meantime...well, I'll get off my soapbox.

    Take care, stay well.

  2. Time does go by quickly. You are always so busy and get a lot done each day. I wish I was as good as you at getting things accomplished! Those cookies look wonderful and so does the coffee cake. I never thought about making dryer balls. Maybe you could show us how in a post sometime? Those are great Christmas gifts. Enjoy your week!

  3. Your baking looks delicious. What a lovely free haul of yarn. Very kind of your friend to give you it. I look forward to see what you make with it.

  4. Your baking looks yummy. Does Harvey know you have another stash of those cookies? Ha ha Bill would hunt until he found them!
    I'd be interested in the dryer balls. Do you soak them in softener to use? I soak old tea towels in Fleecy once every few months (until the scent is gone) and toss them in the dryer wet or dry.
    Stay safe, Jackie.