Thursday, April 22, 2021

Thursday Tidbits

 Really not much happening around here. Vaccines are moving once again, now if we can only keep them going. I do hear that it is becoming tough to get an appointment in your own town. Some people are having to travel 70 miles or more to get their jab. 

I am glad that our oldest son, Kurt, got his first jab a couple of days ago and am waiting patiently to hear that the youngest, Kris, is eligible. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be soon.

I got a call from my specialists office today and my appointment is still on. Harvey did a happy dance as we get to go for a drive. There are protocols to follow, but hopefully all will go well. 

I did my grocery shopping today, and picked up a few things to organize a bit better in the sewing/craft room. That is moving along slowly but surely. I have one more binder to cover and place on the shelf. Where on earth did I get all those patterns for knitting, sewing and crafts. I may need to pick up one more smaller binder for use with my Cricut. So very much to learn and so little time in a day.

Still working on using up some yarn. The church is going to get a great many prayer shawls once things open up again. It is helping me use up yarn though and that is very necessary.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some photos for you.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It's good to hear that Kurt got his first jab and I hope Kris will get his soon. It sounds like your sewing room organization is going well. I need to do a lot of organizing in my sewing room. I used to always have everything in a special place but somehow it's not quite so neat anymore!

  2. Thursday they opened up for those 40 and up. Then yesterday they said all adults could get theirs, but they all have to have the AstraZenica shot.

  3. That's wonderful news that Kurt was able to get his vaccine. My daughter is just under the age of 40 so hopefully she'll soon be able to get hers as well. They've pretty much shut down all clinics here in Regina and are sending the doses out to other centers. We're getting there!

    I have a single binder (so far) of patterns because I bookmark them on my computer. But I've learned the hard way a couple of times that I need to print them out as the link disappeared.

    Good luck with your specialist appointment.

  4. I loved the prayer shawls that my father received when he was sick. You go girl and take those hooks, and needles with you!

  5. Here in the USA the nurses are "fighting" over every person that comes through the door, to get their vaccine, because people are coming so far & few between!! One vaccine place had 5,000 doses ready & 64 people showed up that day. Too bad you can't make a little trip "over the border" and get yours, Jackie. ~Andrea xoxo

  6. Hope you are doing okay. You are in my prayers.

  7. Thinking of you and hoping that your specialist appointment went well x

  8. Hoping you are well, and missing your familiar posts.

  9. Just popping in to say that I hope all is well with you. Hope to see you back here again soon.