Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Day Three Juneau

 I got caught up on getting the garden in and some of the pumpkin puree used up from the freezer.... My goodness things seem to happen in bunches. Tomatoes are in now, and I am still trying to use up some of the pumpkin from last year. Muffins and pie made, next on the list is something my MIL used to make all the time. We shall see if I can replicate it.

At about 11 in the morning we arrived in Juneau. Lots of lovely sights along the way. Earlier in the morning the Canadian navigators left the ship via a small Canadian cutter. Now our US captain and navigators take over. 

As we entered Juneau harbour we saw a Disney Cruiseline boat. Man it was big.

Looking up into the mountains and hills surrounding the harbour we saw the gondola/lift that was one of the cruise excursions.

Not an excursion I would enjoy as I am terrified of heights.

Lots of fishing trawlers in the harbour as well. I got a picture of this one as they were moored very close to our ship.

We also sighted our first of the wildlife up here.

Lots of Ravens, who were not n the least worried about us standing and watching them. 

A small map of Juneau greeted us on shore along with this lovely totem pole.

LOL, every time I would try and take a picture these men would move in front.... So I am going with it. Hope they don't mind being on my blog!!

Our excursion here was Panning for Gold and it turned out we were the only two on this excursion. I need to do a blog post all on it's own as this was the best thing to have happened.

Enough for today I will continue later this week starting with gold panning and Jimmy our tour guide for this adventure.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. What a neat trip. Can't wait to hear about panning for gold!

  2. The panning for gold sounds interesting - did you find your treasure?
    I hope you were able to see a bit of Juneau too. It's a neat little city with some really interesting shops and restaurants. I found a quilting shop that sold yarn as well, and brought back a small skein. Probably enough to make a cowl. It's in my stash for someday!