Friday, September 29, 2023

Frugal Friday


Wow it is the end of September, and since we have been home for a bit I have been trying to be as frugal as possible so as to save cash for our next cruise. Yes, there will be another one. Just have to find the Greek Island cruise we would love to take and it must be more than 7 days considering how much it costs to fly there. 

So my frugal 5 for this week are as follows.

1.  Went shopping a bit early in the week to take advantage of some great sales. My grocery bill says that I saved $45.00, which is the best I have done in a very long time.

2.  Windows open to cool off the house so no air conditioning or heat so far. Mind you it was pretty chilly in the house this morning. I wrapped up though and managed quite well.

3.  Continuing with walking for free exercise. I will be looking on YouTube for some new chair exercises until I get some muscle built up.

4.  We were going to go out for brunch on Sunday, but our usual place was packed. So we came home and Harvey made us a lovely brunch for a fraction of the price. 

5.  Reading a free book on my ereader. 

6.  Sending in my spending so as to get points and I have actually gotten quite a few surveys done as well for extra points. Saving those points until something strikes my fancy. 

Costs are rising, and keeping within budgets is probably something those of us that live in smaller rural cities are struggling with. 

Being mindful of how we are spending is one way to fight against these rising costs. Choosing what we are willing to spend on is why we are frugal and thrifty. I figure the best way to make it through any financial dealings is playing a game. The game being called, "How Low Can We Go". 

Right now I did not get asked to help with the Bible Study at the church this fall. At first I felt like a used tissue, just thrown to the side after my supposed "usefulness" was done. Now I am thinking I will be saving on gas, wear/tear on my vehicle, and manage to get more done around the house. I can always find a Bible Study to follow online, and probably something free as well. My first step in the "How Low Can We Go" game.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.


  1. I much prefer to spend a bit of extra on a really nice home-made meal than three times that amount on eating out. It helps that I like cooking, of course!
    A shame you didn't get asked to help but I love your How Low Can We Go game - very positive and cheerful in outlook. xx

  2. Sounds like a good week for you. It is cooler here as well - no AC or heat. I am sorry you got passed by on the Bible study - but there is a reason for all things. Have a nice weekend.

  3. I understand the desire to cruise again. It's such an easy way to visit a number of places without the pain of arranging transportation, packing luggage between locatons, etc. Plus the service on the cruise ship is generally amazing. Try for options - as it has all the various cruiselines listed. You now have to have an account with them (previously it was open access) but there is no fee associated with it. You don't actually book with them, but it provides the options that you can check out on the cruiselines site.
    Well done on the grocery bill. For the next few weeks I'll only buy the necessary items as I don't want to be packing and moving a lot of food.

  4. I am sorry they are treating you thoughtlessly. But I have found that it does me no good to keep giving if they don't really care. You are very right finding a bible study online might just be what you need.
    After grocery shopping today and having to get a little creative with our lunches, I am now on the road to how low can we go. 3-4 of us carpooling to work, remembering to take lunch and a snack to get back home without stopping at fast food, making coffee at home religiously are among the things we are doing.

  5. It's wonderful that you are managing to put a positive spin on things with your 'How Low' game. We could all benefit from playing that too. We went to the local farmers market yesterday and brought home some great produce but at much higher prices than those at the grocery store. Mind you, it's much fresher this way, but it hurts to pay more. I look at it that we're helping support the local farmers which is a good thing. The veg's we got will be going into a big pot of cabbage soup which will last us for many meals.

  6. I like the sound of the How Low game. I try to do similar things myself, but sometimes I do lapse and indulge a little. I need to stick to it as much as I can from now on though.