Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Keeping Busy

I have spent the day staying as busy as I possibly can. The victims of the accident yesterday were air lifted into Regina by Stars and by fixed wing plane. Does not sound good and my prayers continue for them and their families.

My prayers are also for the man that hit them. If the rumor is true I know him and feel for his family and him.

Last night I finished off the two rugs for Kurt and Kris.

I do hope they like them. That is two more Christmas gifts down.

Most of the morning was spent in the kitchen after the usual household tasks. I made a loaf of bread and started on the cabbage rolls.

These were full of cabbage rolls, but silly me did not get a picture before I packaged them for the freezer.

I picked out the sweater I want to make for Harvey and got that started this evening.

I also cut out a pair of pj pants and plan on getting them sewn tomorrow and another pair cut out. It's a simple pattern so I can't see it taking very long to sew.

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