Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Things have been very busy around here this month, I almost forgot my mid month update.

1.    Keep working on Christmas gifts. This month I want to finish knitting the two rugs, 2 lap quilts (well they will be a bit bigger than a lap quilt per Kris's request), and 3 pairs of pj pants.  This goal is coming along wonderfully. I have finished the 2 rugs, and the three pairs of pj pants. The first quilt is being worked on and I see the top of said quilt ready by the weekend if not a bit sooner. Hopefully the second quilt top will move along just as quickly.

2.     Move my fall/winter clothes into my closet and drawers. Go through clothing as I move it and remove items I have not worn or don't fit properly. Move the spring/summer clothing out.  My clothes are switched around, so this goal is finished.

3.     Bake pies and cookies for the men in my life over Thanksgiving.  The goal is completed as well.

4.     Finish emptying the pots and baskets of flowers.  Done

5.     Steam clean carpets.  Not even close to being started.

6.     Do my fall volunteering with Meals on Wheels and cleaning of the church.  Done

7.     Dig up carrots and potatoes and store for the winter.  Done

As you can see my goals are close to being finished for this month.

This is moving along. I may just reach that magical 750 items this year.

This is the pile of clutter that will be leaving my house this week.

As you can see the pile is mostly clothing. This will be taken to the Salvation Army. We also removed an old broken down recliner from the house (that went to the landfill as there was no way under heaven it could be fixed, we had tried many times to do so).

I have also used up some of my fabric stash making the quilt (and will continue to do so when I make the second quilt) as well as 3 large one pound balls of cotton yarn from my yarn stash. These items have been made into Christmas gifts and will be leaving the house, just not right away.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.



  1. You're doing really well on your decluttering project and all your monthly aims. I wish I was so productive.

  2. I like setting goals on New Years Day and then checking on progress at the end of the year. You are doing it right, season by season. I need to move my seasonal clothes too, right now I seem to be borrowing from my storage closet but it supposed to be in the 80s the next few days so its a little early still to switch.
    Mama Bear