Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No, Not The White Stuff

This morning I opened the drapes on our big picture window to this.......

That's right our first snowfall of the upcoming winter. Not something I wanted to see. However the weather will improve come the weekend. This melted away to big mucky puddles and I am happy that Kris came home early before everything started to freeze again. There was one roll over just west of the city this morning and I was not looking forward to worrying that he could be traveling on ice.

I managed to get one quilt finished and I hope to get some of the other done while Kris and Harvey go fishing (once the weather turns nice). I still have hopes of getting finished the two of them this month.

Being as it was such a miserable day I decided that I picked the perfect day for homemade soup (my menu's are worked out at the beginning of the month). My turkey carcass was boiled along with some parsley, celery, onion and peppercorns.

It bubbled away on the stove while I was busy in the sewing/craft room. Sure made the house smell great and really hit the spot with sandwiches for our supper.

There is enough left for two meals each for Harvey and I, as well as a meal for Kris to take with him when he goes home on Sunday.

I am sorry to report that we have needed to turn the heat on in the bedroom these past few days. Just could not make it until November, it was getting mighty cold getting out from under the covers of a morning. Mind you it did make a person dress a bit faster, or get out of the room faster at any rate.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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