Monday, October 23, 2017

Menu Monday

My supper is cooking already, and all of a sudden I realized I had not posted this weeks menus!!

Things might get switched around a little this week as I want to keep the fridge fairly empty, and we have another football game to attend on Friday (oh how I wish we could bring in a picnic lunch, but all spectators are allowed to bring in is 1 liter of water in a sealed bottle).


Spaghetti and meat sauce (using a bit less ground meat than I usually do).


Leftover roast beef made into a stir fry. Stir fries seem to stretch very little meat and we get to eat loads of veggies. Served with rice.


Baked spaghetti, and garlic bread.


The leftover stir fry from Tuesday along with the leftover rice.


Football, so we will be eating out.


The leftover baked Spaghetti. The fridge should be nice and clean by now.


Roast Pork, roasted potatoes, roasted carrots and raw veggies. 

No meatless meals this week, but I am hoping to introduce a soup and sandwich night to the rotation beginning next month. 

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

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  1. Monday - beef stew with garden vegetables
    Tuesday - hamburger soup w/ grilled sandwiches
    Wednesday - leftovers
    Thursday - vegetarian tikka masala naan pizza
    Friday - oven-roasted fried chicken (packaged) w/ potato salad
    I've just received a 40lb bag of carrots from a local producer to supplement my garden carrots. Some of those carrots were grated for the freezer and some were made into carrot/pineapple muffins.