Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday Tid Bits

Well, as usual the forecasted storm did not hit here. Instead it moved farther north in the province with the vast majority of the snow hitting north of Regina. We did have lots of cold wind though as well as cold temperatures. Time to get the winter coats, hats, mitts and scarves out and perhaps get the snow blower serviced as well.

Still I had a curl up at home day, which was probably just what I needed. After the basic to do list was finished, and the fridge cleaning done. I settled down with a book for an hour or so. My friend called and I bundled up to join her for a cup of coffee and a natter. Her husband just had shoulder surgery a week ago and is not the ideal patient and it is wearing on her. She needed a break and I gave her one by coming for coffee.

Then it was home, dishes, and pull out the cross stitch. Back stitching seems to make me cross eyed and so I can only manage an hour or two of working on it. 

I then decided to make some plans on how I can cut the grocery bill over the next little while.

Here is what I have tentatively planned...

1.  Buy seasonal fresh veggies, and frozen veggies (peas, corn and beans since those did not grow well in the garden this year). If a good sale comes up for Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, or broccoli then it can be bought.

2.  Make sure all fruit is used up, if it gets a bit old dehydrate it for use in cookies, or as a healthy snack.

3.  Use less meat in my recipes. Lately I have been doing so and Harvey hasn't really noticed.

4.  Try my hand at making my own bagels (I love having a bagel for lunch every so often) and English muffins (another treat that both Harvey and I love).

5.  Add a soup and sandwich supper to the menu rotation at least every two weeks (every week would be better, but I need to gradually do this so Harvey gets used to it). 

6. Use the slow cooker more often. A person can buy less expensive cuts of meat and have them turn out fork tender.

7.  Continue with either fish, or meatless meals every Friday. This is something I have done ever since we got married 41 years ago. 

I am hoping this helps with the budget as things are getting more expensive every week, and if Mr. Trump has his way and gets rid of NAFTA things will be even higher in price (fruit and veggies during the winter). We want to save for our next trip, this time it will be to Greece or Italy, or perhaps both at the same time. Just have to wait and see how much we can save.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Useful tips for cutting the grocery budget. I think we're heading for a cold spell this weekend. It's been so mild here so far that it will come as a bit of a shock to many people I think.

  2. I forgot to say in the above comment, but we all need a curl up at home day now and again. Why not I say? I should do it more often.