Monday, October 9, 2017

Menu Monday

Kurt and Kris both left this morning. Each of them has some leftover turkey, some cookies and a loaf of bread. Kurt got some plum jam as well in his care package (Kris got his just after I made it). Now I get to use things up in the fridge.

First to go was the turkey carcass. I made stock with it today.


Turkey noodle soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.


Smoked sausages, leftover mashed potatoes and carrots. Think I will slice up the cucumber as well.


Leftover ham made into a casserole.


Clean out the fridge (leftover casserole).


We will be eating at the football game.


Home from the city, after a day's stocking up. I think supper will be Chicken, but don't hold me to it.


Hamburgers, homemade fries, and coleslaw.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I read you had Thanksgiving, why October? And not November? Is it different in Canada?

  2. Monday - leftover butternut squash soup, turkey pot pie
    Tuesday - mac & cheese w/ lettuce salad
    Wednesday - Italian-style skillet supper
    Thursday - dinner out
    Friday - Panini sandwiches w/ chicken, cheese & chutney

  3. Tania, we celebrate Thanksgiving in October because that is usually when all our harvests are in. I like it as we don't have a big holiday just before Christmas and November would more than likely see us under a great deal of snow and ice.

    The United States celebrates Columbus Day and then next month their Thanksgiving. I think because of the pilgrims first Thanksgiving and the natives keeping them from starvation that first winter. Though I am not too sure about the whys....