Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Budget, Goals and Project Declutter Update

We were over budget because of holidays last month. Actually we overspent our entire vacation budget. The good thing to note is that if we hadn't had the two family reunions we would have been well under budget. Now we know that when family reunions take place we must budget a bit more. Live and learn I say.

The areas we were over were electric, television, health expenses, and computer/electronics as well as vacation.

We were under budget for natural gas, landline phone, cell phones, vehicle fuel and maintenance, house maintenance, yard and garden, groceries, charity, other (where we put expenses that don't fit in the other categories), entertainment, clothing, hobbies, and my allowance. Not too bad really as prices seem to be going up each and every month.

Still over all we are under budget for the year and hope to finish off the year with extra money in the account.

On the plus side all our investments seem to be holding their own or making a little bit so our full financial picture looks very good.

We even managed to give Kurt and Kris some extra cash. We plan on doing this every so often as we would like to see them enjoy a part of their inheritance while we still can.

Goal wise, not so good. I did knit a few items but did not finish my cross stitch. I also harvested all the garden produce and processed it for winter use.

Project Declutter saw another 28 items leaving the house bringing my total to 627 items for the year. I hope to have a better month.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Good budgeting Jackie. It's good to take a break from projects from time to time and do other things, then you enjoy going back to them.

  2. Well done Jackie its a lovely feeling being in control.