Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday Roundup

Well, every day since the cast was removed I am gaining a bit of strength an dexterity in my wrist and hand. I can now put my own bra on (believe me this is major as I was teasing Harvey that it took him less time to take it off than put it on), put my hair in a pony tale, use regular floss instead of threaders or picks, pick up my pills (well not the real small ones yet), and other small things that I have been unable to do while the cast was on, and for the first couple of days after. The luxury of using two hands to wash my hair is mind boggling. I am doing the exercises the doctor gave me three times a day, and in a couple of weeks will be having regular physio appointments. I am determined to get as much mobility as possible in this wrist (the bone moved a bit and so movement ad dexterity will be compromised a bit according to the doctor).

Yesterday I worked on my mending and got a bit of hand sewing done as well as my sewing machine threaded and a small seam repaired. Today I managed to rethread and sew an entire seam on that knit skirt I cut out before my accident. Then I went on to knit a whole row (without stopping) on the blanket of many colours. I hope to manage even more tomorrow.

The weather here has been up and down.

This is what greeted us yesterday morning.

The start of what is hoped to be the last storm of the winter.

By mid morning this is what it looked like.

At this point in time we had about three inches of snow with it still coming down. By the end we had close to 5 inches and it was freezing cold. One could say it felt like January rather than March.

This miserable weather did have one good result. It kept Harvey busy doing reno's.

The basement bedroom/office/library is coming along nicely. 

Walls and ceiling painted. A second coat of polyurethane on the pine boards.

Closet sanded and painted. 

Floor is down.

Next Harvey will be working on the chair rail, the closet casing, and the baseboards. Of course there will be a few touch ups, but we are thinking things can be moved into here next week.

When Kris comes home he will be helping with sanding and mudding in the Man Cave portion of the basement. 

After almost 2 years (yep it will be two years since we were flooded in 4 months), it is so nice to see an end in sight.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Glad to hear you wrist is improving. The basement is looking fab. Happy Easter Jackie.

  2. Glad to hear you are improving day by day. Easter Blessings. x

  3. Wow Harvey is really working hard on the project. I'm glad you arm is getting done strength back in it. As for the weather, I would rather have rain than snow. I really don't like it. I hope youve had your last storm.

  4. Jackie, I am so happy for you being able to do things with both hands again. What a blessing! Mary