Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Thrifty Tuesday


As the snow continues to fall we have spent a lovely few days to end the week and begin this week in a thrifty manner.

Rather than take some of our spring/summer coats in to be dry cleaned, I washed them on delicate and they are hanging to dry down stairs. Look pretty darn good, and I saved mega cash doing this. Just wish I could do the same with our winter gear.

Both of us have decided we really do not like the taste of mango's and I have two left to use up. I think I might try to use them in some type of relish and hopefully we will like that better. Now I know not to buy them (we needed to give them a try) ever again.

All leftovers are packaged up and will be used in a meal this week. Well if I can keep Harvey out of the containers (one might get moved to the freezer to be used tomorrow).

I have been going through my spring and summer wardrobe and putting aside those items that need repairs or need refashioning. A few items have hit the donation bag.

Sewed a button on one of Harvey's shirts, and repaired a split seam on a pair of my pants. 

Found some fabric in my stash that I should be able to make some reusable pads for my Bissell steam cleaner.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Mango chutney? Onions, ginger, garlic, raisins, vinegar, brown sugar, finely chopped chili pepper(optional). There's lots of recipes around. Good with curry dishes, like chicken or seafood, or roast pork.

    1. We buy a Trader Joe's mango chutney that is very good. I second this suggestion.

  2. Such a good idea making the pads for the steam cleaner, a great tip.

  3. you are busy as a bee. I don't get much leftovers with this crew of mine, it usually gets eaten up before I can get it to the freezer. I did manage to make some ham broth with the Easter ham bone. We'll have some nice soup come fall with beans,carrots and taters.

  4. Mangos might be nice in a smoothie with another fruit too? I do like their flavour but not the mess getting the pit out.

  5. If you like salsa, mango works well in that. But mind you, you can still taste the mango and if you don't care for the taste - you probably can find a recipe that hides the taste.

    It's starting to melt here a bit, I've got icicles on the eavestrough and can see some pavement on the street and my driveway. Hopefully this snow will be gone by the end of the weekend.

  6. I need to get hubs to go through his clothes he has way too many but will not throw anything away.

  7. Put some diced mango in some jello, Jackie. You might like it better that way. I'm not much of a mango fan either but my youngest daughter and my grandgirls? They'd mainline the stuff if they could. *lol* ~Andrea xoxo

  8. If the mangos are not soft & ripe - and I've never had one that was, as far north as Maryland, you might want to try them as a savoury versus sweet fruit. My favorite way to do this is to squeeze lime juice over unripe slices, dust them with a little salt & chili powder & marinate for an hour or so.