Monday, April 23, 2018

Menu Monday

The weather has been lovely the past couple of days. I need to get out to our little front garden and do a bit of raking. I noticed my tulips are coming up!! Need to get all the seeds from the trees away so they grow properly.

So, here it is, time for my new weekly menu and in looking at the calendar almost time for me to plan next month's menus as well.


We had Chef's Salads yesterday instead of the sausage planned. There was just so much turkey left from Saturday that I needed to use some up. Added some cheese, some leftover ham, and boiled eggs and it was the perfect meal. All this to say I moved the sausage to here. Serving it with pasta (cause I used up all the potatoes) and a veggie.


Pulling the last package of leftover chicken out of the freezer and making Chicken a la King. 


Pork chops, hopefully done on the BBQ. Served with slaw and baked beans.


Turkey noodle soup (may use this on Tuesday and move the chicken dish til today).


Salmon casserole served with asparagus.


Hot dogs, mac and cheese (can't just have mac and cheese as to Harvey this is just a side) and some more slaw. I also have a workshop at the church this day so need something quick.


I was going to bake a ham, but I think I will pull out the steak and since it is a cheaper cut, cook in slow cooker along with some mushroom soup. Served with mashed potatoes and a salad this will be a lovely meal.

Everybody have a wonderful day. 

God bless.


  1. your menu sounds delightful. I have ham and cheese and plan to boil some eggs for a super Chef Salad..Mr. Sweet always loved them....for some reason, we never thought of them until the weather turned warm....

  2. Chicken Al a king sounds great. I'm struggling with menu planning at the moment because the weather keeps changing.

  3. I like how you take stock of what needs to be used up to plan your menu. I took stock of the leftovers in my fridge and saw the lazy beet leaf holupchi and a mushroom risotto. That rice got turned into soup.
    Mon - carrot rice soup
    Tues - pork chops and sautéed veggies
    Wed - stir fry with rice ( more rice?!)
    Thurs - quiche