Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday Tidbits

Good evening.

We had sun for most of the day today which always cheers me up. I even managed to have a couple of walks today. Very little wind so things were much better.

Harvey put the primer on the walls and ceiling yesterday and today painted the ceiling. I have a feeling that Kris will be painting the walls when he is home. Harvey on the other hand will be measuring, cutting and using his router on the chair rails. Perhaps he will even get to painting them as well. I am amazed at how quickly things are coming together now. It just might be finished enough to move the big TV in and give me even more room to sort clothes on wash days.

I planted up some seeds today and plan on doing a few more tomorrow. While it is not a great deal it should save us a bit come time to start making the yard pretty once again.

Most of my day was spent baking, and I hope to finish up early tomorrow. After all my baby (yeah Kris would be happy with that designation) is coming home and I plan on sending a few treats back with him for helping out. Will post pictures very soon.

I did the next set of exercises today and all I can say is I am sure glad that I only have to do them once a day. Even holding that 1 pound weight causes me a few problems. I can feel it after that's for sure and that is after doing one set, I am supposed to build up to 3 sets. Arrrgh, could be fun (not). 

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I am proud of you for hanging in there and doing what the doctors tell you to do.

  2. Baking is so theraputic and you son will love the takeaway. Well done with the exercises perseverance is the key.