Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Ramblings

It has been a cool and quiet day here on the old homestead. Not that I haven't accomplished a few chores, but there has been no feeling of "need to do right now." Kind of what a Sunday should really be.

Before I go any further in this post I do have one thing that needs to be said.

To all those who are Fathers be it single mothers doing two jobs, fathers of fur family, fathers that are with us and fathers who have left us. 

Special love going out to my Hubby, who is a wonderful father to our two boys.

I have taken my name off the list for doing ministries in the church at this point in time. I just don't know when my surgery will be taking place or the length of recovery time. While I sort of/kind of miss this, I don't really. It is actually very nice to sit in the pew and not worry about what I need to do or if I am pronouncing the Biblical names correctly. One can concentrate more on the message in the readings and in the homily. Mind you, when the homily takes 45 minutes my mind starts to wander and I gaze at the stained glass windows. I also seem to open myself a bit more to the hand of Christ and God.

I have almost come to a conclusion over what I want to be involved in next year. I just have to pray about it a bit more. I am sure any messages will get through to me sooner or later, I have the utmost faith that my questioning mind will be put to rest eventually. After all God just may want me to stop asking the same questions over and over.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. It's good to take time and listening to what God wants of us next, isn't it. I'm just the same - one stage of my ministry has ended and another hasn't yet been made clear but I'm waiting and praying too. Waiting on God's time is important.