Wednesday, June 19, 2019


I actually forgot to post my monthly goals, so today I will post and give you an update all at the same time.

My list is a bit smaller this month, so hopefully it will all be completed.

1.  Unfinished goals from last month. Almost done the sewing part of those goals.

2.  Finish two quilts.  Done.

3.  Continue knitting the sport and finer weight leftover bits and bobs into squares.  Working on these still, but I am seeing the end of this yarn weight coming closer and closer.

4.  Knit on temperature blanket.  Doing so every day.

5.  Cut out 2 more patterns.  I have picked out some fabrics, but no cutting as of yet.

6.  Prepare rhubarb for winter usage.  Think I might just have another couple of picks and then I will be done.

7.  Continue decluttering. Just a few items this month will be leaving my house. Hopefully there will be a few more.

8.  Finish the presentation boards for the Ministry Fair.  Done.

I hope to get at least the sewing goals, the cutting out of the patterns, and the rhubarb done this week as next week we will be getting ready for our trip to the family reunion.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.

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