Saturday, June 8, 2019

Saturday Roundup

Quick post today as I need to get supper on the table, dishes done and be at the church to set up for the Ministry Fair tomorrow. Must be at the church 30 mins or more before Mass as well. Supposedly we have a bit of a surprise waiting for us.

Perhaps I should mention that this is more of a monthly round up than a weekly round up.

Budget wise we were under once again, good thing as we got central air conditioning put in this week and we needed to replace the television in the living room, those bills will be this month. That will more than likely put us over budget this month. Groceries were just under so I need to figure out a way to cut more costs there. Once the garden starts producing that should help.

The total number of items that have left my home is now 273. Not as good as I had hoped, but things are still moving along.

1.  Cut out four more patterns.  Done

2.  Sew all cut out patterns.  Not completed as of yet

3.  Knit squares from leftover yarn (ongoing until I have enough for a blanket).  Almost done with the finer yarns.

4.  Knit one prayer shawl.  Done

5.  Work on the temperature blanket (year long project...I will post a picture of what I have gotten done. Done

6.  Sew tool caddy for under the Cricut.  Cut out but not sewn.

7.  Continue with declutter.  Done

8.  Start one cross stitch project (just a small one that I have had for a number of years).  Done

9.  Buy bedding plants, and plant them all.  Done

10.  Get two more large planters.  Done

11.  Sandwich and finish 2 or more quilts.  Done

Once again I will be carrying over a few projects I see. 

My big project for the month in the sewing/craft room will be consolidating two sets of storage drawers of fabric into one. 

I did manage to get one drawer cleared out. Hopefully the rest will be completed this month.

Tomorrow I will post my goals for this month. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can actually finish them all.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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  1. I would love to hear more about your Cricut, as I don't know anything about them, but have heard they are very popular.