Monday, April 6, 2020

Menu Monday

Woke up to foggy skies today and no sun. While the temperature is warmer, it feels colder because of the damp. Still it does look as if the weather will be improving and perhaps spring is on the way.


Lentil soup from the chest freezer. I will make egg salad sandwiches as well.


Leftover roast beef probably made into a stroganoff type meal served over noodles with a salad.


Pulling a container of Lazy cabbage rolls out of the chest freezer.


Clean out the fridge night. Whatever needs using will be used up tonight.


To break our Good Friday fast we will have the remaining cod fillets and some homemade fries.


Up to Regina to spend some time with Kris, bringing him groceries, cleaning the apartment, and will more than likely bring something along for our supper. I think sausages would be nice.


Still in Regina so will be making the turkey there along with potatoes, green beans, stuffing, gravy, and a pie (I need to decide and make the pie before we go). 

There you have it our menu for this week.

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.


  1. Soup and sandwiches, stroganoff....what more could you want!

  2. How do you make lazy cabbage rolls? Sounds interesting.

  3. We usually have turkey for Easter too but this year are doing ribs and potato salad. I will take some to Mom since she can't come over. I had literally no room in my freezer to buy a turkey and frankly we eat turkey too much so ribs it is.

  4. You continue to be so wonderfully disciplined about meal planning!!!

    And I still don't have my Inventory. -sigh-

    Stay calm

  5. We usually have turkey but unable to get one this year and it would be a waste for just the two of us. Pork fillet using the hairy bikers recipe is the alternative for this year. Stay safe.

  6. I had lentil soup twice today. I love it. Cheers and stay warm.