Monday, April 20, 2020

Menu Monday

Blogger was acting strangely last night and I could not leave a post. It was working perfectly when I visited and posted comments, then a few hours later nothing. I am so glad to wake up and see it is working properly once again.

I will be heading up to do my cleaning and grocery run on Friday for Kris. Leaving Harvey to fend for himself. I hope to have leftovers in the fridge for him to forage.


Hamburgers, coleslaw and homemade fries.


The roast pork that I did not make on Sunday. Served with roast potatoes, and roasted carrots.


Soup and sand.


Stir fry with the leftover pork roast.


Harvey gets to forage.


Harvey forages once again


Probably the chili I was going to make on Saturday. Should be home in plenty of time to make this as long as the beef is thawed.

Everybody have a wonderful day. God bless.


  1. Wishing you a safe journey and visit with Chris, Jackie.

  2. Glad I was not on Blogger, when it was having "A Bad Hair Day"!!!!!

    Glad it is all hippy-happy again!

    We realllllly neeeeeed our connection in Pretty Blog Land.

    And again, you are ahead of us,in menu making. But we pretty much make 2 days worth, each time we cook. Which always gives up "longer," to decide, what will come out of the freezer next.

    Stay Safe...
    ⛅ ⛅ ⛅ ⛅

  3. I had problems Saturday, it wouldn't fetch my photos from my phone, I faffed around for ages, logged out logged in. Eventually they were there.

  4. All sounds delicious, yummy! Take care and stay safe.