Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thursday Tidbits

It has been a quiet day here on the old homestead. I woke up to sunny skies and cold temperatures, but as the day progressed the wind got stronger and the snow began to fly. I am beginning to wonder if winter will ever let go of her icy grip.

I braved the stores today as well as the post office and bank. So glad that I don't have to do so very often. I was being a good follower of the rules by social distancing and following the arrows on the floor. Not so other people. I think that instead of being kind many people are becoming rude and aggressive. One lady almost bowled me over in the grocery store. Just pushed me and my cart out of the way so she could get by me. I did keep my cool, might have thought some nasty thoughts, but kept them to myself.

I did the household chores, and then spent the rest of the day doing very little. I actually feel like I was quite lazy. Tomorrow I need to buckle down and get things completed, like the jumper I have cut out.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Some people are ignorant to what is going on around them. I hope weather improves soon.

  2. We've had a couple of really lovely days here - cold but bright and sunny. The garden is looking much happier.

  3. I'm feel the same about shopping. It's quite anxiety inducing, not knowing how people around you are going to behave. I think I might have found it hard to bite my tongue if someone pushed me out of the way.

  4. We are seeing the worst as well as the best in people at the moment. Sadly.

  5. Sadly this pandemic is bringing out the not only the best but the worst out in people. Well done you for holding your tongue. Take care.

  6. Ugh.... Instead of having your this-is-how-we-have-to-act-now attitude, she was pushy! -sigh- I know some would say... Who knows what horrors she has to contend with at home or some "sweet" thought.

    I'd have had much trouble, with being so "Sweet."

    Thankfully, we have our Dear Daughter in Law, to get our needed things for us.

    And thankfully, she can get all, by pick up at curb. Not necessary, to go IN stores.

    Our other son still goes to store, once a week and he gets some items, we can't get, except in store. So far he has not had bad experiences.

    Stay safe &
    Keep our eyes on Nature,
    It is calming...

  7. I saw a bluebird yesterday. For sure it's spring. You can't fool a bluebird.

  8. It's so annoying when others refuse to follow the arrows or insist on pushing past. So selfish of them. Good on you for biting back your words. I'm pretty sure I would not have been able to. Take care and stay well!

  9. Yes, shopping is not the semi pleasant experience it once was. You must always be on guard. I did go to Costco for the first time since the beginning of March (went in last hour and a half when there was little lineup) and once you got in there was lots of room. Only one fellow who seemed to ignore rules or was so self absorbed he didn't realize he was hogging the whole aisle when he was talking to a neighbor....his neighbor caught on and moved for me. One vast improvement is that Superstore here went from a 2 week spot for pickups (I don't want to go in there, their aisles are not wide enough) to a 3 day wait. Much better. I think they hired more staff or people are done stocking up and it is going back to a more sane pace now. I did score sugar and raisins at costco, 2 things I have tried for on last 2 grocery orders and that they couldn't fill. We've had lovely weather, it sure does help improve your mood.

  10. I am avoiding shops quite well here. I have a click and collect service and usually I can get a slot where I just drive and park and it is brought to you. No people to dodge. I hope the winter weather lets up soon for you. It has been unusually warm in the UK.

  11. Pushed you aside. That's horrible. Sorry to read that. Ack. I've not dealt with any rude people yet. Hubby either. Knock on wood.