Monday, June 13, 2022

Menu Monday

 It has been a dark and cloudy day here in Saskatchewan with rain falling off and on most of the day. At least I did not have to water my plants.

Onwards to this weeks menus.


What I call Cabbage Bread. It's bread dough buns filled with hamburger, onion, and of course cabbage.


Leftover chicken that I will probably make into a tetrazzini (will be enough leftover to freeze for another meal later on). Served with tossed salad.


Smoked sausages, fried leftover potatoes mixed with onion, and peas. There will be tossed salad left from the night before so I will serve that as well.


Soup and sandwiches. 


Main dish tuna salad. I will really try and make a small one as we will be in Regina Saturday, Sunday and not home until Monday.

So this is all for this week. I know I will be taking some chicken breasts up to Kris's for him to BBQ. After all I do have to make an effort to keep his costs low and things are just so expensive right now. I may even take up some hamburger patties for Saturday night. He can supply the sides for both meals.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. It all sounds delicious, especially the cabbage bread.

  2. Your meals sound lovely - have a great week. xx

  3. Enjoy your visit with your son. I'm sure he will appreciate the food!

  4. I love cabbage buns, so did my kids. SO yummy and really not exspensive.