Friday, October 26, 2012

Making Extra to Save

Over the years I have learned that saving money only goes so far, and that eventually a person needs to make some money as well.

Now that I have retired, I am finding this a bit more difficult to do. However, I am continuing to do some of the extra money raising things I started to do a few years ago in readiness for this time of life.

I belong to a few survey companies. The way I am reimbursed for my time and effort varies, but I can usually either redeem points for cash or some kind of gift card.

Then every once in awhile I pick up a custom sewing job. This past week I had one that took me roughly an hour to do and I made $20.00.

Sure its not a lot, but every little bit helps over the course of a year.

Then of course there is my subbing as an Educational Assistant. While I am not making as much as when I worked full time at this I still get about 4 days a month in. Sure would like a couple more as that would be perfect!!!!

I am hoping to add a few other extra money producing lines over the next year. What ever happens I will be looking at ways to add to our bottom line rather that deplete that same bottom line.

Tomorrow I will talk about how I save money on groceries.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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