Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Third and Last Challenge

I admit it, I have way too many clothes for my new life style of retirement.

Today I moved over my fall/winter wardrobe and managed to remove almost three bags of clothing that no longer fits, makes me feel good, or that I haven't worn in a year. These bags will be taken to the Salvation Army first thing tomorrow morning as I am afraid I will start to go through them and pull things out!!!

I will share what my closets and drawers look like with you. Remember these are only what I have for the fall and winter. My spring/summer wardrobe has been regulated to storage for now.

First off my closet.

 As you can see my closet is filled to overflowing!!! Mind you many of these are 5 to 10 years old and as I always shop in the same place the sales help knows what I already own and what I can add to get even more wear out of a garment. Then I do sew many of my own clothing items and those add to the collection for a fraction of the cost of buying the garment.

The next pictures are of my large cupboard and dresser drawers. This is mostly sweaters (many of which I have knit over the years), long sleeved t-shirts, knit/sweatpants, and hand knit vests.

I have now put clothing buying on hold for at least the next year. I really do not need anything new and as Harvey says, "What can I buy you for gifts. You have enough clothing to outfit three other women!"

Sitting here and looking at this clothing I have been trying to figure out why on earth I bought so much over the years. I think it is because when we were first married and the children started coming I did without so that we could clothe them and Harvey. Once the boys grew up and no longer depended upon us I went a bit overboard.

This does not mean I will not sew myself a winter dress or knit myself a sweater, but if I do I need to get rid of an article of clothing to make room. This should be interesting!

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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