Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saving Money Part 2

During the last few years we had decided that this old 1921 house was not built to keep in the heat. So when we resided to did a few things to ensure better heat retention.

Firstly we blew insulation into the attic.

We also blew some into the existing walls.

Next we added a layer of insulation to the outside of the walls.

Knowing that this would not be enough we put in new windows over the course of two years, and this past year added something new.

Storm doors now grace the two doors we do not use as often. The third door will have a draft dodger put in front of it in the evenings this winter.

All this has probably saved us a bit on heating costs, but those rise so quickly (almost every year) that it is hard to tell if we are saving money.

I also make a practice of opening our front south facing blinds in the winter on sunny days.

It is amazing how much this help with keeping the furnace from running non stop on those cold winter prairie days. In the evening I close them as soon as it gets dark to keep the heat in.

I have also started to make sure lights are turned off in rooms not in use. Now if I can just get Harvey on board with that one.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless

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