Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Winter and Problems On the Road

This post is going to cover 2 days of happenings around our home.

Yesterday was the day that both of our sons left for their respective homes..... okay lets say that one had left, the other got to sleep in a bit longer as Kris lives much closer to us than Kurt (like 7 hours closer).

So I was working on the computer (actually doing yesterdays post) when the phone rings. I recognize Kurt's cell number so I pick up, figuring he has stopped at Chapters in Regina on his way home. Instead I get.

"Hi Mom, I have a problem."
"Oh, what did you forget?" I reply.
"Ahh, no that's not it. My engine just blew up (and he did say exactly that), and I am stranded on the side of the road near Milestone."

This is when I started relaying the conversation to Harvey, but by then I am already in panic mode. I finally gave him the phone started waking up Kris and getting dressed. By the time everything was settled Harvey and Kurt had come up with a plan.

We ended up driving the hour and half with our two vehicles so we could give Kurt one of them. Then had his vehicle towed back to our place. Harvey is going to get the dealership we work with to look and see if it is the transmission and what it will cost to replace it.

We are back to one vehicle for a bit, but at least Kurt got home and can get back and forth to work. He just has to get used to driving a thirsty truck instead of an easy on the fuel small car.

Now after a restless sleep once again (this is becoming a habit lately) I woke up to snow on the ground and rather large dense flakes drifting down. Of course it was not sticking to the road, but man it is way too early to have winter starting. The roof tops and vehicles look like they are covered in fluffy white marshmallows....

Everybody have a wonderful day.

God bless.

Harvey figured out what happened to Kurts car. Seems like the oil plug might have worked its way loose and he lost all his oil!! So in effect his engine is going to the place where all good engines go when they die. Guess its time for a new car.

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