Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blustery Tuesday

I was supposed to work this afternoon, but woke up to a bit of a snow storm. While we did not get as much as NY, the wind whipped what we did receive (and still are receiving) into almost white out conditions at times. The lady I was going to sub for decided not to make a trip to Weyburn and risk icy roads and whiteout conditions. I don't blame her in the least.

This gave me the afternoon to laze around, do some knitting and just plain relax. I had run around all morning getting my to do list done and quite enjoyed the rest.

Supper yesterday was another use it up meal.

I made Turkey a la King to serve on toast points.

While it looks kind of like a pile of mush, it is warm and extremely filling. It is also a great use it up for that leftover turkey. It does taste much better than it looks and is a great favorite with my family. There is a bit leftover to be used in the next clean out the fridge night, which looks like it could be tomorrow.

Total cost of the meal for the two of us is about $4.00. Divided between the cost would be about $1.30 each. This is in keeping with trying to keep my meals around the $7.00 total.

Sometimes stodgy works just fine.

Today I made a Steak and Mushroom Casserole. This used up a few small pieces of steak from the freezer, the rest of the mushrooms, and an onion. The steak made this meal cost a bit more but served over egg noodles along with fresh bread it made a wonderful meal. This was something I had never made before and I am glad it was well received, Harvey even had seconds!! The leftovers are packaged away to use at another time.

I hope to have some pictures of the cowls I am making tomorrow.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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