Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

It has been a quiet day on the Phillips homestead. Cold and windy with some snow outside, but nice and toasty warm inside.

We attended Mass today, and while once again not everyone showed up to do their ministry, and I was told by numerous parishioners that the church doors were left open last week due to my neglect, I smiled and carried on as usual. Strange how people enjoy finding fault with others even in a sacred space.

Bishop Jim was with us again today, we have the great luck to have him with us again next week as well. He is a wonderful speaker and his homily today on the parable of the talents brought home to me that in order to share in the fullness of Gods gifts we have to give those gifts back.

Yesterday we traveled to Regina (thank heavens we did not go up today as there were white out conditions at various times on different sections of the road) to do a bit of a stock up and shop for those things we can not find here in Estevan.

Upon arriving in the city we, of course, phoned Kris. Kris usually answers immediately but for some reason was as he put it sleeping like a baby.....Right through 13 phone calls a couple of messages and a couple of texts. He did manage to get up and answer his text by giving me a call, right when I was at the till at Fabricland!!! I did something I hate and answered him while waiting to pay. He ended up meeting us at Micheals and continued to spend the rest of the day with us.

Before he met up with us though Harvey and I went to Futureshop where I bought a new tablet. My old one "bit the dust" as the sons would say.

So without Kris's help I ended up buying this Samsung. It has a bigger screen than my old one, and a larger ram (which is expandable). So far I have managed to get many of my apps (those I remember) downloaded onto this tablet and have tested most of them out. Liking it so far.

We then went to Fabricland where I finally managed to pick up the fusible interfacing I need, and a couple of meters of black fabric for a quilt (once I manage to get the unfinished projects done).

On to Micheal's..... Just look what I managed to snag.

I got two balls of yarn to make ruffle scarves with, a ball of really strange yarn to make a scarf that is totally different all for a cost of less than $6.00. I also got 2 balls of sock yarn, and three balls of Lion Brand Homespun (the Homespun I am going to use to figure out a pattern). Front and center is a purple package. That purple package contains a sock loom!!! Should be interesting as looking at the directions it seems much harder to do than I thought.

We then went to Costco. Managed to get some great deals, and the fridge and freezers are well stocked. There were a few items that I could not get, but I did manage to get them on sale at a store here at home today.

The last place we visited before going out for a meal was Staples (we could have visited here, but without Kris to help us). Here we bought something that we will be needing very soon.

A brand new wireless printer, copier, scanner, fax machine. I have been trying to upload pictures to Facebook of pictures and they just do not turn out correctly. This will enable me to scan those photographs I have lying around and store them on thumb drives, or CD's. Thus clearing out and organizing them.

So while the last two days have not really been frugal, they have given us time spent together and enjoying each others company. They have also given us new items that should last us a long time and help us organize things in a continued attempt to downsize a bit.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. Sounds like you had a very useful shopping day. Sometimes you just have to replace things, especially if you use them a lot. At least you're all set up to do what you need to do now.

  2. Do you sell your scarves? If not, you should. Everyone that has seen the one I received, has raved over it, even the men in my life, who usually notice nothing new unless it is a tool.