Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Ramblings

We are already into the Second Sunday of Lent. Today the homily that Father Brian gave was all about dying to be resurrected to new life. He stressed that if a parish did not practice new life, dying to the old life it became stagnant and start to die. He said we all had to be open to the spirit in order for true change to occur. God does not force this on us rather he wants us to accept it willingly.

This is hard for me, change while sometimes for the better does not always lead to good feelings among people. It sometimes makes those of us who have given everything to the church feel used and then tossed to the side as not being able to make those changes.

I need to pray on whether I am doing what I am called to do for the glory of God or if people see me doing what I do for my own glory.

I am a stagehand for our church musical this year and am beginning to get a bit frustrated. The back drops are not all finished yet so changing them or at least the method we will use to change them is something we have not accomplished as of yet. Hopefully everything will be ready on Wednesday for the dress rehearsal and things will go a bit smoother. Seems like I will be the only one there for the start, the other stage hand (the one in charge) will not be there until way after it starts. Another frustration for me as I like things in order. More prayer necessary for patience I guess.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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