Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Ramblings

It is Palm Sunday and the Passion was read in church today. I was narrator for the first time and by the end of the Passion my knees were shaking. I was so worried that I missed a page and made a fool of myself, something that I should not have worried about as I was helped by the Spirit. Makes one realize that everything is in God's hands.

Reading the Passion also enabled me to enter into the story in a way I never have before. Christ gave up his life so that we could have life. He opened our way to God by tearing the veil to the Holy of Holy's in the temple. This was the main thought behind Mark's Passion story. It enables us to have a direct contact with our Lord.

The rest of my day was spent scanning pictures, processing the meat from our stock up trip (putting things in meal sized packages, slicing the sandwich meat) and just enjoying this perfect spring day.

Thought I would share a few of my stock ups with you all.

I went to Micheal's and bought sale yarn. Not like I don't have enough to start up a small store of my own.

As I said all the yarn I bought was on sale. I also purchased some embroidery thread that I was close to running out of. The round cake pan was not on sale, but I have the largest round pan and thought buying another round pan could make me think about making a tiered cake. I am hoping to do that for Harvey's birthday this year. Kind of a family celebration as he turns 65.

I also made a stop at Fabricland.

Once again everything I bought was on sale using my Customer Card. I picked up a lovely patterned knit to make a skirt with, some stretch denim that I am thinking of making a skirt with (I could use a denim skirt) and a burnt orange to use in a quilt.

I also picked up some more sewing machine needles. One never knows when they will come in handy.

The spools of thread are embroidery thread for my embroidery machine. I am trying to build up a good selection to use in projects.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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