Monday, August 24, 2020

Menu Monday

Another week has zipped right on by. I am finding it difficult to know where the weeks have gone. Soon it will be time to get ready for the winter (started that already) and once again those of us who live in colder climes will be stuck in the house.


Leftover sausage casserole and a tossed salad.


Stuffed Chicken, rice and the remains of the tossed salad.


I will be gone so Harvey will have to fend for himself.


Smoked Sausage, creamed potatoes, cucumber slices (still using cukes from the garden, sliced tomatoes from the garden as well.


Fish and chips. Perhaps some coleslaw as well if I can find a decent price on cabbage.


Leftover pork made into a stir fry and rice.


Roast ham, mashed potatoes, and beans from the garden.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.



  1. Like you I am finding it difficult to know where the weeks have gone, time is flying by.

  2. Your menu sounds wonderful Jackie. It's so lovely to eat fresh from the garden and to have extra to freeze for Winter. I've just caught up with your last few posts and I'm quite shocked that the students might not have access to masks right now. Well done you for offering to make some. That is so kind and thoughtful.
    Stay well xx

  3. Me and my body have such an aversion to heat that I'm stuck inside most of the summer. It's winter that brings me outside, with wild abandon. :-) Love, Andrea xoxo