Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday (and Menu Monday)


I haven't been on for awhile mainly because it has been pretty boring around the old homestead. Seems as if things are continuing much the same as usual, nothing really new has been happening. 

Well, other than the heat wave we are now under. This means most gardening events take place in the early morning. I now have enough beans frozen to last us through the winter. 

I am continuing to dehydrate herbs, but with the heat this is slow going.

Continuing to pick beans as well, and giving them away. I am not going to waste what we are lucky enough to have.

Menus are constantly changing due to the heat. I don't want to raise the house temperature and cause the air conditioner to work overtime.

I have spent a bit of time online collecting a few coupons to use when shopping. Every little bit helps out, especially as prices are continuing to rise. No one knows where or when this will stop.

I have been making a few extra filters for my masks. Harvey managed to acquire some of those blue shop towels and considering what we know about this virus will probably come in handy. I want to make sure our sons have some as well. If I place them just right I can get 6 out of one shop towel.

I did a couple of small mending jobs on some pants mainly buttons and fixing a hem.

Now on to what I should have posted yesterday.


Cold plate using a package of frozen ham from the fridge freezer. I added coleslaw, a cucumber salad and some sliced garden tomatoes. There are a few slices of ham left and I have an idea of how to use them in this heat.


Sloppy Joes and cucumber salad.


Those leftover slices of ham will be made into ham salad, served on buns from the freezer and coleslaw.


Leftover roast beef, creamed potatoes, green beans (garden) and a salad of some type. 


Scrambled eggs on toast. In other words breakfast for supper.


It is supposed to cool down a bit so perhaps a sausage casserole using up potatoes, carrots and a small package of pork sausages.


This is supposed to be roast night, but temperatures are going back up. I have lots of chicken thighs so these might be made instead, or I could make a main dish salad out of a package of leftover roast ham (one ham gives us lots of bags of leftovers). I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.

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