Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Thrifty Tuesday


The usual thrifty happenings here. It is really hard to find something new to post but here goes.

I have collected a few seeds from plants in the garden.

Watered with rain water (however we could use a nice soaking rain to fill it up once again).

Pulled out fabric from the stash to make those masks for Kurt's students. I may have to purchase a few more meters to make sure I have enough. That's okay as the fabric store is having a big sale until the end of the month.

Almost finished making the extra filters from the blue shop cloth we purchased a few months ago. I think I will end up with almost 300 of them. As more and more stores are choosing to make masks mandatory these will sure come in handy.

Using up the bits and bobs in the fridge with great regularity.

Tomorrow my friend and I are heading into the city. She needs a break from things at home (another one of her sons is getting a divorce and she is stressed), so we are having a girls day.

Of course stock up shopping will be done, and I have my list and coupons all ready. Shhh, I have a feeling my stock up will be mostly crafting supplies this time around. Perhaps the purchase of another newer ereader as well.

We will meet up with Kris for supper so I will get a bit of a visit in as well.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. I'm glad your friend has you, Jackie. What a good friend you are! I hope you enjoy your day out tomorrow. Love, Andrea xoxo

  2. Have a lovely day in the city with your friend. We all need a girly day out now and again.

  3. Good thrifty day! Have fun with your girlfriend. Yay! Shopping!

  4. Hope you enjoy your day out, an outing sounds just the tonic.

  5. Enjoy your day in the city, safe travels!

  6. You have been so busy making masks! My husband jokes that I have supplied our village with them, but it is slowing down now.