Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday Roundup


Another week has passed by and things are slowly getting completed.

This week I have been busy dehydrating, and freezing. I forgot to take pictures of the tomatoes I froze, but I did remember to take at least one picture of the apple pie filling I made.

I now have 6 of these containers in the large freezer to be used during the winter. Each container will make 2 crisps, which we prefer over apple pies.

One day was spent in Regina with a friend shopping. These next pictures are of my deals at the fabric store and Michael's. I did use a coupon at Michael's and so managed to get 30% off one full price item.

Michael's first.

The yarn was on sale for 50% off, the wax pellets were bought using that coupon, the threads were full price as was the Cricut blade and silicon mold. Still these will be used to make Christmas gifts at a much lower cost than purchasing them from the store itself. 

Next is my purchases from Fabricland. All fabric was on sale, and there was even a discount given on the thread.

The blue and white  polka dot fabric at the top will be used to make a long sleeve knit tunic top, the black paisley and flowered fabric will make a dress. The fabrics across the bottom will be used to make masks for Kurt's students and the beeswax wraps. I stocked up on embroidery thread for my machine and picked up a few more regular threads. The batting at the top will join the other batting I have bought for those quilts running around my head.

I also bought a new ereader since my old one no longer works. This one holds at least 6,000 books so even with all the books from the old ereader downloaded on to it, I have lots of room for even more books. Harvey is happy as that means I won't be buying any. Of course this will not stop me from going to the library.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.

God bless.


  1. What is a crisp, please? it's a new one on me!

  2. Looks like a nice haul from Michael's. In Arizona, Hobby Lobby has an online daily 40% coupon on one item so it is tempting NOT to go every day! :) I'm so envious of your sewing talents. Mom tried to teach me but it never caught on. :S

  3. You did well! Michael's here I come - if there is any 50% off I'll be adding to my stash.

    Enjoy your day!

  4. There's no shopping quite as nice as craft shopping... and I love the treasures you found. ~Andrea XOXO

  5. Nothing beats shopping for craft items, great haul.

  6. I love the blue and white polka dot.