Friday, August 6, 2021

Frugal Friday

Time for my Frugal Frugal Five for this week. At least I hope for 5 frugal things I managed to get done this week. By the way blogger isn't letting me left align and is doing very weird things. Please bear with me and hopefully things will correct very soon. Trying justify and that seems to be working.

1.  Picked and processed more herbs from the garden.

2. Only spent cash one time this week and stuck to my grocery list.

3. Had the windows open one night this week. Was not cool enough to do this any other night. So saved a bit on air conditioning costs.

4.  We need a new fridge as a few things are going wrong with our old one so have been researching and comparing prices.

5.  Changed our menu tonight to use up a few things. Instead of lazy perogy casserole, I made a shrimp pasta salad. That used up one cuke, some of the tomatoes, and a can of shrimp I found at the back of the pantry shelf that needed to be used.

6.  Still walking for my daily dose of exercise in the early morning and then taking a shorter walk in the evening after supper.

My friends Dad is now in Palliative Care. She had to sign a DNR yesterday morning. Things are not looking very good at all. She is trying to get him sent back here for whatever time is left. I hope to know more in the next few days.

Everybody have a wonderful evening.
God bless.


  1. Good for you. That DNR is so important. I was very grateful for that, when my mom was going. IT made things so much easier.

  2. You've had a good frugal week for sure.

    My heart goes out to your friend. I've been there with both my parents and it is hard. You don't want them to suffer but on the other hand it is so difficult to let them go. I don't think we ever get so old as not to miss them.

  3. Sending love to your friend and her Dad. It's a terribly difficult time x