Friday, February 11, 2022

Frugal Friday


The days are still passing so very quickly. It seems like I just wake up and get the week started and the end is here. Now I just hope that the same thing happens with winter. Though living where I do that is very doubtful. Mother Nature is bound at some point to say "Hold my beer, these goofs need another dose of winter."

We did however manage to get some of the ice chipped away during the two days of gorgeous weather we had.

Kris signed the final papers today on his new to him home. I think it went so quickly and smoothly because the house was sitting empty and had done so for over 40 days. That meant whoever owned it was probably paying a mortgage on their new place as well as this one and they needed it sold. Whatever the reason I am glad things went well for him. Now it is up to the lawyer to transfer the money and let the land titles know of the change. Kris has done all the rest.

So what frugal things have been happening here on the old homestead.

1.  Using everything up that I can. Which at times stretches my imagination.

2.  The days have been nice and sunny for about half the week so the drapes have been open most of the day to take advantage. Who wouldn't want solar heat to keep their power and gas bills down.

3.  Once again I have been following Harvey around and making sure the lights are off in rooms we don't use.

4.  I really kept to my list while shopping. That wasn't too hard as there did not seem to be surprise sales on anything.

5.  I saved $22.82 on my groceries this biweekly shop. Not as much as I hoped, but at least some sale savings.

6.  Keeping busy with crafts and mending for a friend. I know said friend is going to want to pay me, but I really don't know what to charge... Both tops added together only took 15 minutes of work.

7.  Walking when I can for free and frugal exercise.

8.  Free oil change at the dealership. This will be the last one though. Darn.

Off to get supper on the table. I will be by to visit you all a bit later.

Everybody have a wonderful evening. 

God bless.


  1. So glad everything went well with the house for Kris. Some great tips as always.

  2. Hope winter leaves you soon. I've been on count down mode. Walking is a good frugal exercise. I've been doing some when not bike riding. But, since we're away and I rented the bike, guess I can't count that as a frugal exercise. Though I did ride to the store a few times instead of taking the that should count. Another good frugal exercise is planks and yoga. So many yoga routines on u-tube, Silver Sneakers (if you belong) and some of the gym's have some if you have a membership. Crafting...doing well with not purchasing anymore yarn. I've not even gone into my favorite yarn store here the whole time we've been here. Not easy to do though, I love looking and squeezing new yarn, lol.

  3. Congratulations again to Kris. I'm sure he's looking forward to being settled in his own home.

    When I get stymied about what to make, I use using the ingredients listing. Not always, but often it brings up a recipe I wouldn't have though of and sometimes my son even likes it. :) The most recent was a hamburger stew - he really enjoyed it, as did I so it will become a regular.

    More warm weather coming soon I believe. That will be nice!

  4. Glad everything went smoothly for your son! Buying a house can be such a pain, and full of delay after delay.

    I'm SO looking forward to being able to go for walks again. I *really* want to get more exercise today, but it's 18 degrees F here, and, uh, no thank you to that! Come on, spring and summer!!!